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News from Tigger!!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Tonight was bittersweet. I was able to connect with Renee and David of Superior Art Gallery in Thunder Bay. They own 17 year old, gentle giant “Tigger”, together with two other sweet Maine Coons from my Cattery. Tigger has gotten so old, his cheek bones are getting hollow and his hair is turning silver grey. Time goes so fast...... I am usually not much of a cry baby but when I looked at the pictures Renee sent me I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. Tigger is the grandfather of River, the “great*great*great*great*great grandfather of Reuben and Jelani and great*great*great grandfather to Cimona, just to name a few. I clearly remember the day when I had to let him go because it made no sense for me to keep my retired breeders, due to Torsten’s allergies at the time and to prevent overcrowding in the Cattery......So I started drifting off a little bit, imagining that if the time was now I would have been able to keep him because Torsten’s allergies have literally evaporated with age. .....Back to reality, Tigger has the most *wonderful* home with Renee and David. They have taken such amazing care of him over the years. I am forever grateful they have given him the home he deserves. There will be a write-up on the testimonies page shortly.

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