Call Name: “Coyote” 
F2 Tortie Female
100 % Canadian Polydactyl Foundation
Masterweaver (MW) 4WD, 6/6/6/6


Please share my excitement to introduce “Coyote”, my beautiful new foundation female!

Coyote has the original Masterweaver Polydactyl feet (link below). Her origin is the Prairie Land of Central Canada. Coyote was carefully selected for her extremely affectionate temperament, her quality and excellent health.  

 I was able to register Coyote as an F2 because both parents are known and registered as Maine foundation stock with ACA.

Detailed information on Coyote will soon appear on the Pawpeds Database.

Health Testing:

Felv/Fiv: Tested Negative

Optimal Selection: Negative for 50 genetic conditions,

including “HCM“, PKD and SMA. 

HCM Ultrasounds: To be done repeatedly up to age 6!

PKD Ultrasound: To be done at the time of first HCM test. 

Hips OFA: To be done at age 10 months!

Perfect Oral Health!

Paragraph copied from a breed article, published by CFA, one of the largest cat organisations:

<<Favoured varieties of today have been bred sire to daughter and cousin to cousin until their breeds are ruined [...] man's insistence on upon breeding in order to perpetuate features approved in the show ring has produced animals of weak constitution, prone to such conditions as skin troubles, lacking in intelligence, no longer mentally alert, eventually stupid; and at last breeding with difficulty: a state of affairs leading in the end to the sterility and death of the breed.">>

For more information on the crucial importance of Maine Coon foundation work, please click the link below. The other link explains the MW Polydactyly on the bottom of that page.