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Planning to apply for a kitten?


Hello Everyone :-)

My Cattery is getting a couple of inquiries weekly, mostly through the website, sometimes on messenger. In order to avoid disappointments for my applicants, I thought I would write a post with some guidelines:

1. Before applying, be sure to read my Reservation INFO page on the website. Then apply preferably through my WEBSITE, not on messenger. Make sure you state your full, legal first and last name, address and phone number.

2. Inquiries with only one or two sentences, simply asking for price or colour, will automatically be ignored. I require details and plenty of info.

3. Be aware I will be doing some research behind your back, in order to be sure you are the person you are claiming to be. If your facebook page or website raises any flags or does not correspond with the info you give me in your initial inquiry I will potentially refrain from selling a kitten to you. Please be honest in your initial inquiry. Be prepared to be asked for references.

4. Make sure you are fully agreeable with feeding a raw meat diet.

5. Please be certain that your family and work/financial situation is suitable for raising and caring for a kitten. In some situations my kittens can only be adopted in pairs.

6. My prices are non-negotiable and reflect the cost of a high standard breeding program in Canada.

7. Make sure your children have the age and understanding where they are able to be gentle and caring with a pet.

8. Please know that I often get several inquiries for one kitten. Sometimes a different person is chosen over you. Please try to be understanding and don’t take this personal. I always try to find the VERY best possible home for each of my kittens. If I can’t then I rather keep them here until I do.

9. Please know that I reserve myself the right to decline or refund a deposit at any time during the adoption process. Thankfully, as hobby breeder, I don’t have to bend to woke culture and can chose my pet parents according to my personal discretion.

10. So far 99.9 % of my pet parents have been REALLY, REALLY wonderful! Many of them have become friends for life!

Picture of one of my kittens for attraction. (Not available!)

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