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Above: “Dennis” and “Noah”, babies from 2010…

June 15, 2020, Mary Andrews from Ontario writes:

“We had been considering getting a Maine Coon for several years and when we ran across Judith's website 10 years ago, we knew that we had found "the right breeder".   Judith Schulz has dedicated much of her life to raising very well socialized, top quality Maine Coon cats, in a healthy, loving and nurturing environment.
The way in which Judith breeds and raises her Maine Coons, is remarkable:
Quality:  Judith impressed me with her superb knowledge of the breed and her dedication to maintaining a Maine Coon breed standard.  The quality of structure, coat, personality and overall health was very noticeable to us and even our vet said, that our Maine Coon kitten was excellent and above average from his experience.
Health: We were able to see current testing for the cats in the breeding program, for HCM, HD and PKD, publicly online.  Not only could we see the parents testing, but we could view grandparents and other ancestors. 
Socializing: From the time they are born, until they are ready for adoption, the kittens are raised in her home, as part of her family.  When we purchased our first male kitten 10 years ago from Judith, we were so thrilled when he adapted to our home so quickly. There was no scratching of furniture, he was completely litter box trained and healthy as an ox, as confirmed by our vet.  Ten years later, he is still just as happy, so loving and playful! We loved our first boy so much, that we reached out to Judith a year later, (9 years ago) to purchase another male kitten as a playmate for our first boy. Our experience with our second kitten, was similar to our first – absolutely amazing!
Anyone who meets our Maine Coons, is so impressed by how beautiful and well-behaved they are, they often ask: “Where did you find these perfect cats?”
Matching: Judith wanted to know everything about our family, our routines and our needs. When the time was right, Judith let us know she had a kitten she thought would be perfect for us. Was she ever right!
Support: When our boys were still new to us, we could call Judith or email anytime, with any question, for advice or answers.If you are looking to purchase a Maine Coon cat, this is the breeder in Canada!’

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Marlene Gifford from Manitoba writes:

....They are wonderful!  Both are eating with gusto and playing in full gear.  Their vet visit to Dr. Stewart Hay went very well - she said their bone structure is just fine and hearts sound good - and she exclaimed that she sees excellent cats coming from your cattery (ours included).  No issues at all.  ........- we love them both dearly. Cheers, Marlene.
pictured above: Kahuna and Taz.

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Elaine Kendall from Winnipeg, Manitoba writes:

Hi Judith....just thought I would send you a note and some pictures to let you know that Macaroon is settling in nicely. Her new name is Xena.  She's been eating well and runs around like a little freight train. She likes to cuddle with me on my chair when I read my paper in the morning. Take care. Elaine

Additional comments: Xena is an absolute little treasure, I love to watch her run around, she is so bubbly and bouncy and rolly polly.  She is constantly purring like a little saw mill.  She weighs about 5 lbs now.  She's a well adjusted, happy, confident little girl.


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Dr. Jenn Rae from Ontario writes:
Thanks for everything, Judith - she smells amazing, by the way - yummy!I'm completely smitten with her - ....... She's got a beautiful disposition, it's already obvious. She's so gentle with her big mitts, and even gnawing gently on my fingers. ..... She's exceedingly happy and playful, and hands-down the most delightfully affectionate cat either of us has ever owned.  She's VERY attached to us (especially Jim) and she follows us everywhere; wherever we are, she's there. Just like a puppy. ......She is just over 9 lbs at 6 months, so is a big girl, and perfect in every way. 
Note: Dr Rae purchased 2 cats from us.


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Kim Bassey from Winnipeg, MB, writes:
Hi Judith, I thought you might like to see Indy and Sam.  Sam sure looks like grampa Brock to me. He is so laid back.  You can walk around with him around your neck like this and he just purrs.  Indy is our dog cat.  He follows me all over the house wanting to play fetch with his toys.  He is also a class a thief as you can see he is moving in for the kill at the kitchen table. They are both in great shape and fabulous pets. I hope all is well with you. Kim
Note: Kim has two cats from my breeding. Kim’s daughter in the picture.


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2009 Rachel and Martin Perreault from Quebec write: 
Hi Judith, ….they are doing wonderful, ate food last night when we arrived and 3 meals today, they also went to their litter last night and today and are very playful and affectionate already! I can’t believe how great they are and how gorgeous they are….you, Harvest and Rayn have done an awesome job…a thousand thanks :0). The whole family loves them…my daughter wakes up a bit too early for my liking to see the kittens :0) but that’s fine…she’s been waiting so long! Martin says they will be the best looking cats he’s ever seen! The whole family has fallen in love with them….thank you so much again! Good night! Rachel!
picture taken with Gabriella, on day one in his new home!
Update October 09: Our kittens are the best in all the world. They bring joy and affection to the whole family, you couldn't have made a better  job ;0)
Rachel has 2 cats from my breeding!
Picture: "Arctico" (Rayn x Harvest)
making a little girl happy!

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Heather Ablett from Ontario writes;

Hi Judith...All is well. The meeting has gone extremely smoothly.........Judith, you do such an excellent job socializing your kittens. Within minutes of coming out of the carrier, Scully was on his back to get a belly rub from my cousin. No shyness whatsoever with either my cousin or me as well as Kes and Quin. 
Heather has 3 cats from my breeding!

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