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Hello Everyone on Alaska’s Wait List, 

After a nice long summer break, I am extremely excited to announce the wonderful news that Alaska had her 2023 litter of 6 healthy babies from Granite!  Alaska and Granite are my *absolute* favourite couple this year, and this is why I will be setting aside a couple of babies for breeding and possibly showing. 

Alaska had a fabulous labour and needed absolutely no extra help. Like all my girls here, she is literally a SUPER MOM. Her milk flow is endless and she never leaves her babies for more than 5 minutes. It is such a joy watching them grow by 15 - 20 g per day!! All six are doing wonderfully, almost all of them having already tripled their birth weight within the first 12 days!! I am seeing some amazing quality and they are already rolling over for me at this young age! 

I think Granite and Alaska are a dream couple! Both have gorgeous heads and a very balanced conformation, Alaska representing a beautifully refined traditional type of Maine Coon. Alaska has the picture perfect profile, Granite has the longer, higher frame. Kittens are expected to have superb coat quality, excellent boning and size, combined with offensively affectionate temperament. The goal is to have a Polydactyl show prospect in my basket. 

Wait list: 

1. Reserved, Kylee Waters, Mountain Crest Cattery (Black Smoke Poly boy Konrad)

2. Reserved as Pet, Jason De Souza

(White Poly boy Kristoff)

3.Reserved as Pet, Jason De Souza

(Blue Silver Poly girl)

4. MasterWeaver! (White Poly girl Elsa)

5. Reserved as Pet! Carrie Moore (White Poly boy Olaf)

6. Tentatively Reserved as Pet! (White Poly girl Ana) - waiting for deposit

Please make yourself very familiar with the reservation info page.  AFTERWARDS, send me DETAILED inquiry with information about your family, current and previous pets, your living- and work situation and what exactly you are looking for.  Pictures and questions welcome!  After your initial inquiry, I’d like to schedule a phone conversation with you to discuss the details of adoption. Note that I will not reply to “two sentence” inquiries, asking for price. THANK YOU! 

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