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Planned Breedings: About Us


…and the cats will surely start playing with my plans…

I aim for my kittens to be intelligent and heavy boned, with correct heads, strong, yet balanced features and proper coats. I refrain from breeding extreme, over-typified Maine Coons and specialize in *not* specializing in colour :-).

It is recommended to be placed on a wait list EARLY as my Cattery only produces a very small amount of certain colours.
Most of my pet kittens are spoken for the moment they are born. 

This year most of my kittens will be born in the spring because we are planning to travel again this summer and helping at youth camp. 

Flamengo x Coydog

1. Reserved as Pet, Aubrey Taylor

2. Available as Pet

3. Available as Pet

Planned Breedings: Text
Planned Breedings: Females


Cameo x Jelani

Jaely x Coydog

Caracal x Jelani

Rayn x Faolan

Please make yourself VERY familiar with the reservation info page.  AFTERWARDS, send me an inquiry with DETAILED information about your family, current and previous pets, your living and work situation and what exactly you are looking for.  Pictures and questions welcome!  After your initial inquiry, I’d like to schedule a phone conversation with you to discuss the details of adoption. NOTE: I will not reply to two-sentence e-mails asking for price etc. Thank you! 

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