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My spring kittens can be found on the “Nursery News” page. There are no more litters planned until this fall! Thank you!

Planned Breedings: About Us

FALL’ 22 / SPRING’ 24

…and the cats will surely start playing with my plans….

1. Luca x Jelani (or Granite?)

*Planned for fall or late summer*

Mostly Polydactyl kittens expected!

(Possible colours with Jelani or Granite are (Blue) Silver Tabbies, Brown Tabbies, Blue Tabbies, possibly Blues, Blacks and Black/Blue Smokes.

Wait list coming soon!

2. Jezreel x AtaKan

*planned for fall*

This is an outstanding breeding with very correct conformation to be expected! All kittens will be regular toed. 

Expected Colours: 

Natural, warm and cold Brown and Blue Tabbies, possibly Blacks and Blues, with and without White. 

Wait list coming soon!

3. Alaska x Granite (or AtaKan?)

*planned for fall*

The breeding with Granite will make us Solid Whites, Silver Tabbies and Smokes. 

Mostly Polydactyl kittens expected!

Wait list coming soon!

Very Tentative Plans For 2024:

AtaKan offspring girls x Jelani

Reuben/Jelani offspring girls x AtaKan

Note: Jelani is on the chip and will be back in breeding for the 2023 season.

Planned Breedings: Text
Planned Breedings: Text
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