.......until the cats start playing with the plan, of course!

​Some of my kitten owners passionately support Maine Coon foundation breeding. Pet kittens from an early foundation project will be sold for a reduced price but will receive ACA or CFF registration papers. They come with the same care, certified health guarantee and sales contract as my regular Maine Coon kittens. They will have superb temperament and quite nice quality, just not yet the fully the desired size and type.

Prices for my part foundation PET kittens vary between $ 800 and $ 1500, based on their generation and quality. 

2022 NEWS: After a couple of years of intense testing and careful selection, my program has now shrunk to a bare 2-3 heads, out of an original group of 11 prospective foundation cats.  The year 2022 will be the year where very few F3 or F4 kittens might be strategically placed with select, close breeder colleagues or one of my mentorees who faithfully test for HCM/PKD, by echocardiogram and also for HD.



Coyote had her smokey rollie polies from Roschan!! I was hoping for a little bit more selection and colour variation but realize we are very blessed with a litter of 3 healthy, all live kittens! These babies are F3 and 75 % new, Canadian, Polydactyl foundation, mixed with some of my very favourite, 3rd wave, Canadian/Maine/Michigan foundation. At least one of the girls will be staying here for sure!;2:1594358&g=4&p=mco&o=elastic

The purpose of this breeding is to combine the two new foundation lines and to achieve a third generation with more valuable, higher foundation content, while potentially even straightening out some of the weaknesses in both lines.


Tortiesmoke Poly Female. Tiny amount of Red on top of her head. 
Under Evaluation!


Tortiesmoke Poly female with a tiny amount of Red only on her neck. 
Under Evaluation!


Black Smoke boy
Available as Pet!



Dorcas, Silver Ticked Tabby F3 Poly Girl

Dorcas is due for a litter from Baluga and will be available to a pet home sometimes this fall! She is a very affectionate, quiet and sometimes silly girl out of Jelani and my F2 girl Efren. She gets along with other cats and usually minds her own business. She was born in 2021 and will be spayed before she leaves here. Her quality is lovely and she will be medium size. I have many more pictures to send by e-mail. 

The requirement for Dorcas is to be placed either in THUNDER BAY area or WINNIPEG area as I will need access to her for further routine testing.  PLEASE READ THE RESERVATION INFO PAGE BEFORE INQUIRING. THANK YOU! 


Below is a collection of pictures of Coyote’s 2021 F3 litter from Jelani. Some of these lovely shots were taken in their news homes, around 10 months of age.

NONE of these kittens are available!



“Mercedes”, F2, 50 % Canadian Foundation! (Ch title not claimed)