.......until the cats start playing with the plan, of course!

Pictured above: “Efren”, F2 Kitten, 100 % Canadian Foundation

Planned Foundation Project Litters for 2021/2022:

​IMPORTANT:  Some of my kitten owners passionately support Maine Coon foundation breeding. Pet kittens from an early foundation project will be sold for a reduced price but will receive ACA or CFF registration papers. I expect nice quality and superb temperament but likely not yet the desired size. Sorry, absolutely no breeding kittens for sale yet from my projects! 

1. PART Foundation Breeding: 

Efren x Jelani

F3, 50 % New Canadian Foundation


1. Reserved by Masterweaver

2. Reserved by Masterweaver

3. Reserved as Pet, Heather Morton

4. Reserved at Pet, Gregory Gruenke

5. Reserved as Pet, Gregory Gruenke

Possible Colours: Many colours possible, including Silver variations. Some kittens will be with White. Some kittens will be Polydactyl. 

2. PART Foundation Breeding

Coyote x Armor (visiting White Poly boy) or x Jelani

F3, 50 % New Canadian MW Polydactyl Foundation, some of my older Canadian Polydactyl Foundation 


1. Reserved by Masterweaver

2. Reserved by Masterweaver

3. Reserved as Pet (Polydactyl Male), Coral Melnyk 

4. Tentatively Reserved as Pet (Polydactyl Male), Heather Morton

5. Available as Pet


Kittens will be available for a reduced price. PETS only!

Possible Colors: Many colours possible, including Silver variations and Solid White. All kittens will be Polydactyl.  

​3. FULL Foundation Breeding:

Joy x Ulysses

F2, 100 %  New Canadian MW Polydactyl Foundation 

Kittens will be available for a small adoption fee.  PETS only!

Possible colors: Black males, with and without White. Tortie and Calico females. Some or all kittens will be Polydactyl. 

The plan FOR 2022 is also to perform a full foundation breeding. Hopefully a son out of Joy and Ulysses can be bred to MY F2 GIRL Efren in 2022 to get to F3. Then a possible line breeding to Coyote after that. Pictures and details to Follow!



“Mercedes”, F2, 50 % Canadian Foundation! (Ch title not claimed)