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TICA Best Brown Ticked Tabby Maine Coon in 2023, NE Region!


Show News

November 18-19, 2023, TICA Show in Racine, Wi:

ALLEGIANCELOVE JezrlValley of MasterWeaver, F6: 

2nd BOB

3rd BOB

1 x 1D against an IW, SGC 

ALLEGIANCELOVE Jelani PP MasterWeaver, F6 became Champion. 

2 x BOB

4 x 2nd BOB

8th AB

MasterWeaver AllThingsStrengthnd MWPP, F4 (very high foundation content):

2 x BOB

2 x 2nd BOB

MasterWeaver Final Battle, F6: 

2 x 3rd BOB

Several 2D 

MasterWeaver EyesFlameOfFire (parents are both F6):

3rd BOB

2D and a few 3D 

Show News July 2023: 

GRC ALLEGIANCELOVE Atakan MasterWeaver became Best Brown Ticked Tabby Maine Coon for 2023, NE Region!

May 22/23/2023 TICA show in Calgary:

ALLEGIANCELOVE AtaKan of MasterWeaver (AtaKan)

Maine Coon male, 1 1/2 years old,

became Grand Champion!

3 x BOB!

BEST All Breed (70 AB adult cats)!!!

10th LH Specialty (34 LH cats)

9th AB (70 AB cats)

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TGC Masterweaver Shield Of Faith PP

Show News

May 14/15, 2022, TICA show in Sooke, BC

TGC Masterweaver Shield Of Faith PP (BAluga)

POLYDACTYL Maine Coon, 9 months

became Triple Grand Champion!

June 11, 2022, show in TICA show in Chehalis, WA

QGC, RW Masterweaver Harmony PP of Quasarcats (Harmony)

POLYDACTYL Maine Coon, 9 months

became Quadruple Grand Champion!

Note: It is especially important for new breeders to show their cats for a while, to learn about standard, watch the judges and get to know the breed and other breeders. Showing will aid them to breed according to standard, in regards to correct type and aimable temperament. 

Personally, I am not a campaigner but was able to put titles on quite a few full pedigreed and early generation foundation Maine Coons when I was younger.  You can see them on the “ANCESTORS” page. I am presently promoting some of my Polydactyls in TICA.


The pictures with purple background are of Harmony, courtesy of Carol McGannon. The remainder of pictures and videos of BAluga, handled by different judges. The pictures and videos show him at 9 months of age. 

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