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Healthy, strong kittens can only be produced on a continuous basis by appropriate testing, selecting and sufficient outcrossing.


*Since 1999 testing for HCM! By Echocardiogram by Feline Heart Specialist with Color Doppler Equipment. 

Cats with poor testing history will be tested 3 x up to age 6 (females) and 2 x up to age 5 (males). Cats with good testing history will only be tested once. Many have been done here in the past, I stopped counting them. 

*Since 2007 testing with Gene Test for the Meurs Mutation. Note that the gene test for HCM is insufficient.


*Since 1999 testing for HD!  Over 60 OFA tests have been performed (Preliminary or Certified) 


*Since 2000 testing for PKD by Color Doppler Echocardiogram. 

Since 2007 testing with Gene Test for PKD. Note that the gene test for PKD is insufficient.

My current average litter size is 6.9 live kittens which speaks for itself.

There are two links below. The link on the left shows relatively recent test results. The link on the right is from one of my VERY OLD, ARCHIVED, completely outdated websites. Scroll down on that link to see HCM/PKD and HD results (note: we don’t feed RC anymore! LOL).

ORIGINAL documents of ancestry testing will be provided to each of my clients in form of a private link. 

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