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My cats love to run and spray bottles needed! 


Update 11/2023: My Cattery received EXCELLENT rating for TICA “Outstanding Cattery”!  Documents on Blog! 

As official empty nesters, we recently remodelled a 1350 sf. level of our home into a free run “Cattery“, as part of our therapy. 😊 The area is divided into the “Maternity Ward” - a smaller nursery for very young babies, “Nursery” II - a large play room for older kittens, the “Cat Gym” - a very large area to run and climb and the “Romper Room”, a roomy exercise room for the boys. A natural, wrap-around outdoor enclosure can be reached through kitty doors, from their window seats. We also built a summer kitten house with screened-in porch, to be used on warm, sunny days. 

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My breeding males are part of my family but have to be separated from the females at most times. They get switched mornings/afternoons between the second level of my home and their roper room. They are never kept in pens, regardless of their hormonal behaviour!!


These pictures were taken when we first started out again after my breeding break, showing only HALF of the area!

The window leads to a small sunroom.

The updated version of the romper room can be seen in the video below.


View from the other side.


This is our newly built window Catio, located at the east side of the house. The swinging kitty door allows easy access through the window. The boys enjoy the morning sun and prefer a shady spot in the afternoon/evening. (Yes, they love to be outdoors, even in March!)

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This video shows the romper room after “Feline Snoozers” play structures and a few more decorations were added.

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While waiting for our new kitties to arrive in Canada, we thought we’d do something a little different this time. So we built a summer cottage for the kittens to play in and get some fresh air from about May - October.   I thank the Lord for a handy-man household!  Let me know what you think :-)


This picture was taken when we had just finished the outside and planted fresh grass. In the back of the picture, you can see the screened in Veranda.


Here the enclosed veranda. We used high gloss wood stain for the floor. The door to the inside of the playhouse is still missing. Thank goodness my grandma rocking chair is already in place....


Here the inside - still empty - no furniture, no kittens yet!!  The windows have solid pine wood frames and are large enough to let lots of mid-day sunshine in. We are adding a whole bunch of toys and supplies but have to wait ‘til the US border finally opens to get them.......patience is a virtue!!!!  Good news:  June 25: THE FURNITURE ARRIVED! See below:

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Getting the Porch furnished for them:


Judith’s “being disturbed while reading chair”

We finished the entrance door to the inside house. See the trap door?  The baskets have real fur in them.  Cats LOVE REAL fur! Not only do they love laying on it, they also think it’s a big mouse to torture!  My grandma chair is finally being used now as the kitties are finally here to use the sun room and sit on my lap!


Other side of porch

See the hanging pyramid? Start them on the ground and gradually raise up.  We are still mounting shelves for climbing.


Reuben is that you?

Wait! Is is Reuben?  Reuben, you shouldn’t be here, the baskets are too small for you!!!  Well ok, checking out the new kitten house.  Thank goodness my son’s solid wood cat trees hold an elephant.  Below is a bigger picture of the finished summer nursery.

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The furniture arrived!

Here is a panorama view of the finished inside of the play house. The fabrics, the hanging pyramid, soft shelter with built in hammock come from, a family business in Wisconsin. The beautiful solid wood cat tree is made by our son at  (Also on Facebook!).  We chose a top entrance litter box for mom this time, in order to prevent tracking. Kittens will get flat pans. See how this all we need is kittttttteeennnnssss!

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