Pictured above is my last litter in 2012, before my breeding break. 

Please read carefully BEFORE inquiring.  Questions most welcome!

Masterweaver baby kittens reside in my home, under my full-time care.

Masterweaver baby kittens are raised naturally, meaning with a supplemented raw meat diet and the least necessary amount of vaccinations and artificial interferences.  I also feed high meat content dry food, as 1/3 of their diet. 

Masterweaver baby kittens are registered, dewormed and vaccinated and come with a veterinary-certified health guarantee and a sales agreement.  The ancestors of each litter have been tested for HCM (heart) by echocardiogram and gene test, PKD (kidneys) by echocardiogram and gene test,  and most of them for HD (hips), certified by OFA, for several generations.  My Cattery is of course Felv/FIV certified negative and free from all external and internal parasites. 

According to the recommendation of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, every pet kitten will be spayed and neutered before leaving my home.  The TICA Breeder Code of Ethics requires all participating breeders to practice and promote early spay/neuter. Please also read the CFA info on my links page:

 Price for a quality pet kitten: $ 2,000 CAD

(Shipping/spaying/neutering not included)

Pet kittens from my new foundation projects will be sold for a reduced price. Please ask for details. 

Shipping within Canada: $ 250 - $ 350, transport kennel included. (Add $ 50 for shipping 2 kittens in one kennel). 

Please inquiry for quote for international shipping. 

The current spaying/neutering quote can be requested. 

Personal pickup most welcome! Not open for casual visits.

Deposit and WaitIng List Specifications:

 (Please read carefully)

An initial deposit of $ 500 will firmly reserve a kitten and put you on my waiting list.  The deposit is NOT refundable if cancelled by the buyer (no exceptions!).  

Your deposit guarantees a quality pet kitten from a particular breeding.  Gender and Poly or Non-Poly WILL be guaranteed up to spot no. 4 on the list. After spot no. 4, buyer will have to be ok with either gender and either Poly or Non-Poly. Colour can NEVER be guaranteed. 

If you are on a waiting list, color can be requested but cannot be guaranteed. If color is very important, it is ok to wait with a reservation until the litter has been born. Most likely, there won’t be any kittens available by that time though. 

For a transparent process, I will send regular pictures and updates, in form of a group e-mail,  to everyone on my waiting list.  Kittens will be chosen in sequence,  when the time arrives. 

Maine Coon kittens take time to develop their true type, size and character. I must evaluate the kittens for my program first. The choosing of pet kittens happens around 8 or 10 weeks (sometimes already at time of birth, sometimes later than 10 weeks). My kittens will usually be ready to go to their new homes between 13 and 16 weeks of age. 

It is evident from countless references that I have been able to create perfect people/kitten matches over the years.

If your name is on a waiting list of unborn kittens, and I don’t have enough kittens available in that particular litter, you can chose between being switched to a different litter or receiving a full refund.

I reserve myself the right to refuse the sale of a kitten at any time. 

What is required of you, the purchaser? 

You are required to continue with the Raw Meat Diet.  I will help you with that, and you can make yourself familiar ahead of time by reading the information on our links page.  It is up to you to provide plenty of love and attention, some exercise and good veterinary care for your kitten.  Declawing is not allowed, and if the kitten goes outside it has to be either kept on a leash or in an outdoor enclosure.  If nobody is home most of the day, kittens can only be adopted in pairs.  If unforeseen circumstances require that you cannot keep the kitten any longer, I want to be notified and will try to assist in adequate re-homing.  You are required to send pictures and yearly updates on the development of your kitten. 

Absolutely no breeding rights on pet kittens

My Cattery has been inspected for TICA Outstanding Cattery Award in 2020.  However, as in-home hobby breeder, I am not open for casual visits.  Buyers are welcome to pick up their kittens in person and can be given a tour during that time. I would kindly ask that people visit local cat shows, to see purebred Maine Coons being shown and judged.  Thank you.

Please scroll down for pictures of our KITTEN NURSERY!



Below is my new nursery room for older kittens. Here is where the kittens will be moved with their moms once they are over 9 weeks old. Window seats are high which would be too dangerous for tiny babies.


Canada’s Polydactyl Maine Coon

Judith Schulz, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada


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