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Pictured left: “Pebbles”, Jelani x Cimona baby

December 20, 2021

Jana Lock from Ontario writes: 

“Pebbles (8 months) is probably about 11 lbs, and nearly the size of our miniature schnauzer (pictured above!). We were initially worried about them getting along, but she now has the dog under her control - and there's no question about who's the boss in the house!

She's very sweet, extremely playful, loves to cuddle, and follows us around most of the day (unless sleeping). Although we tried to keep her out of the bedroom - that plan failed and she now sleeps at our feet every night keeping watch, and when our alarms go off she immediately comes over for morning snuggles --- we wouldn't have it any other way!

We've been trying to turn her into a bit of an adventure cat, she loves to go on the leash outside (weather permitting) and go on car rides (except to the vet!).

We absolutely love her personality. Thank you as well Judith for all your support and for bringing her into our lives.”

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Pictured above: “Stephen”, Armor x Rihanna baby

November 28, 2021: Lauren Chiodo from Thunder Bay writers: 

“I just wanted to send you a note to let you know Glacier is amazing! He slept all through the night in his own little bed, he's used the littler box and is eating well! He loves to play with his toys and loves to cuddle even more! He is the best! I cannot thank you enough for allowing us into your family! Lauren & Joe“

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Pictured right: “Crypto”, Armor x Jezreel baby, with his Savannah friend

December 21, 2021: Bernie Germain from Alberta writes:

“I was just thinking about you yesterday Judith! Our kitten Crypto is doing fantastic! He sure is an incredible addition to our family. I think my daughter made an Instagram account for him or tictok I'm not too sure. He's such a good boy! He even fetches his springs like a dog, bringing them back for us to throw again. Loves the lazer toy too. Our Savannah and crypto are really best buds but he gets along very well with everyone. Hope it works out with the other kittens. Regards Bernie”

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Pictured left: “Vivie”, Jelani x Cimona baby

(note: Bruce and Jean have two kittens from my breeding)

September 10, 2021: Bruce and Jean Ivany from PEI write:

“Vivie is doing so well,  it's like she's been here for years! We absolutely love her..she's so pretty and affectionate, too.  She's eating and pooping very well too.   It's been a challenge with the bird (Mango) needless to say.  She (Vivie), is so curious and adamant,   we have an open main level and Vivie chances Mango and either me or Bruce is chasing Vivie!!!  Vivie will get close to Mango and then stop cause Mango hisses at her with her wings spread out...she (Mango) is as curious as Vivie so, they keep us going all day..they're like having kids!  Lol.”

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Pictured right: Milo & Coda 

Jelani x Coyote babies, with their new dad

January 1, 2022: Amanda Forgeron from Nova Scotia writes:

“We both love the boys to pieces.... They have such great personalities, and are so intelligent.  My parents are here all the time because they love them too.  …….They both love being held and cradled like babies. I told Ray that we will have to get two bunting bags to strap them to us - like a mother does with a newborn... hahahahah  I think they would just enjoy that too much... lol
Both are still eating extremely well.”

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Pictured below: ‘Henry”, Jelani x Rihanna baby 

September 30, 2021: Nicole Kats from Ontario writes: 

“Hi Judith,

Hope your evening is going well! Was such a pleasure to chat with you over the phone again, you sound so lovely and just match how you’ve been this whole time, thank you so much!

Henny has been honestly so great, eating his food and has used the litter multiple times. He loves jumping playing with wand toy, the cat tree and that red toy you left in the carrier him! He has quite the big personality already, surely see what everyone means they are so affectionate! Extra thank you for the care package you sent with him, the carrier was set up perfectly for them……”

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Note: This page is ALWAYS under construction! 

After you receive your Masterweaver baby kitten, I would really love to stay in contact. If you are pleased, please tell me!  I am committed to assist with feeding questions and any issues you might experience during transition.  You can surprise me with recent pictures and send frequent updates!  Some of the e-mails and pictures will be displayed on this page, of course with your permission (most of them in short form).  Thanks so much in advance!

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