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Pictured above: “Blue”, Jelani x Atarah baby

November 7, 2021: Dan Lewis from Nova Scotia writes

Judith we would like to thank you for letting us adopt two of your incredibly affectionate boys. Blue and Cosmo made themselves at home the instant I opened the door of their travel crate. Not a second of hesitation before they emerged and started to explore their new home……


And his brother “Cosmo”

……..They are every bit as affectionate as they are beautiful. Well mannered, playful, loving and non-destructive. We could not be happier. Thank you for always answering our questions.

Dan and Sherry Lewis

Testimonials: Females

Tamara’s baby “Pollux”
Atarah x Jelani baby (picture taken at my house)


Tamara’s boy “Castor”
Atarah x Jelani baby (picture taken at my house)

Testimonials: Females

November 3, 2021: Tamara Bernst from Thunder Bay writes (short form :-))

My husband and I recently adopted two beautiful male Maine Coon kittens from Judith Schulz at Masterweaver. We live in the same town as Judith so we had the rare privilege of being invited to her home on the day of pick up. 

When we arrived, Judith came out on her doorstep to greet us with a warm smile and a calm and contented Jelani (sire to our boys) resting on her forearm. She immediately made us feel at ease and welcome and seemed genuinely excited to give us a tour of her beautiful home. As soon as we stepped through the doorway, there was a beautiful, handmade, wooden cat tree to our left where a cat could sit and greet any visitors that might enter. The place was immaculate. With multiple cats living under one roof, there was not the slightest hint of ammonia in the air, something I know many pet owners don't always pull off so well. 

……Finally it came time to meet our two boys and we were greeted affectionately by Attarah, their gorgeous mother and her three remaining babies. The room was full of cat toys, scratching posts, cat trees, sleeping nests and a window with a shelf for them to sit and bird watch. We all sat together on a very clean floor and played with the kittens for a while, with Attarah rubbing up against us, purring loudly.

……In all, I think the duration of our visit was about two hours and we both came away from that meeting with a warm feeling, knowing that our boys had come from a very caring and loving home. Every cat in her care is spoiled with love and affection and treated with the utmost care and respect, due to their nature. It was easy to see that they were very content, happy and healthy. I think Judith is one of the warmest and kindest people we've ever met. After more than a month, she is still in regular contact with us for advice, any questions we might have, updates and pictures. I have a feeling she always will be.

Tamara Bernst

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Pictured on the left: “Wolfie”Jelani x Rihanna baby

November 7, 2021: Heather Morton from Ontario writes:

I am so impressed as to how much dedication you have to your kittens from sleeping beside momma until they are born, their nurturing, providing diets and and advice and even asking for pictures of their poop. You can see the love from your heart for these beautiful creatures that God has put into your care. We have a lovely boy and are looking forward to a sister or brother sometime next year. ♥️

Testimonials: Quote

Blanco and Phoenix


(17 years old on picture)


Renee and Phoenix

Pictured above: Tigger (17) and his babies Blanco and Phoenix (11)

July 11, 2021: David & Renee, Definitely Superior Art Gallery, Thunder Bay write: 

Judith definitely has the passion and the extensive years of knowledge that not many have working with a specialized breed of Maine Coon cats, not to mention her incredible socialization skills she has cultured into every kitten, especially our three gentle, large and loving cats. The first time we visited her house, she let us hold Tigger, her pride and joy. He was so incredibly large, and wild looking, but as gentle as can be. Little did we imagine that soon after, we would be part of his forever home. Blanco and Phoenix are gentle, beautiful and special cats, adopted as kittens. All have been very healthy over the years and have gotten along well together, and do of course love to cat pile.,………….

We also admire and believe in Judith’s vision of preserving the unique characteristics of Maine Coons, so that traits at risk of being lost are encouraged in order to retain the cats’ unique heritage, biodiversity and healthy nature. Tigger, Blanco and Phoenix have provided us with lasting memories and feelings, the best thing anyone could ask for. We could not imagine them ever not being a part of our lives, and for this, we feel ever so grateful to Judith.

Note; Tigger has since passed, at almost 18 years of age! He is greatly missed!

Testimonials: Testimonials

Kain in his glory with his beautiful girl…


Spectre (the meat ball) in his His "I want you to draw me like one of your French girls" pose…


5 month old Kain outgrowing his cat tree..

Pictured above: “Kain” and “Spectre”, Jelani x Cimona babies

November 2, 2021: Graeme and Jacklyn Jenkins from Ontario write: 

"We have been lucky enough to get 5 of Judith's kittens. Their temperaments have all been calm and affectionate with the best personalities!! We can't get over how adaptable they are and so gentle with our young kids. Highly recommend!"

Testimonials: Testimonials

Pictured above: “Tatar”, 2011  Willow x Blue Moose baby

January 25, 2021: Michele Moffat from PEI writes: 

“Our Maine Coon Tater is so super chill, calm and kind spirited. He even watches over our baby cockatiel. And yes - he loves to be on the table. Many thanks for our gorgeous and super affectionate fur babies!”

Testimonials: About Us

Pictured above:” Zoe”, 12 year old Tigger x Ashanti Baby

September 18, 2020, Donna Sinitoski from Saskatchewan writes:

“Hi Judith, I got a Brown Patch girl from you . Her name is Zoe.  She is 12, doing well!  She is such a kind and gentle soul. I have been  so blessed having her in my life. She’s a lovely who sure likes to be there in the morning, reminding me not to hit the snooze button.  I didn’t know you were breeding again. That’s great!  I will keep that in mind when it’s time for anther kitten. I just remembered how nice you were and thought I’d like to connect.”

Testimonials: About Us

Pictured above: “Gus”, 2010 Hazel x Hugo Baby

January 20, 2021:  Dr. Jennifer Rae from Ontario writes: 

“When we went looking for a Maine Coon living in Kingston, we were lucky enough to find Judith - Thunder Bay was the closest MC breeder at the time! Now, breeders are cropping-up everywhere, but it takes more to breed a best-quality cat than just buying a male and female and hoping for the best. Very few breeders these days have your knowledge or your ethics.

Hugo has been the most wonderful addition to our family. He's smart and personable and so affectionate. I've never heard him hiss, and he's never once used his claws for anything other than his scratching post - even with leather furniture nearby. He's 22 lbs when I last checked but that was ages ago. Everyone who meets our Hugo is blown-away by him. One of my patients said to me, "I'm saving-up to buy a cat, but it's a special breed called a Maine Coon”. 

I'm really glad you're breeding again.  Your cats are a cut above the others, seriously.”

Testimonials: About

Pictured above: Amidala, Jelani x Cimona baby (picture taken still at my home)

July 30, 2021: Jennifer Skinner from Nova Scotia writes on day of arrival: 

Good morning,
Oh Judith we are sooo in love !! She is perfect , so affectionate and playful.  It was a really late night and she wasn’t released to us until 2 am. She ate a little kibble and drank water. This morning she ate her BCR and we played . She seems right at home. She is so pretty. I will keep you updated.

Testimonials: About Us

After you receive your Masterweaver baby kitten, I would really love to stay in contact. If you are pleased, please tell me!  I am committed to assist with feeding questions and any issues you might experience during transition.  You can surprise me with recent pictures and send frequent updates!  Some of the e-mails and pictures will be displayed on this page, of course with your permission (most of them in short form).  Thanks so much in advance!

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Please visit the RESERVATION INFO page for pricing and to make yourself very familiar with purchase conditions BEFORE inquiring. The FAQ page is also very useful.  AFTERWARDS, please use the contact form to send. DETAILED inquiry, telling me about your family, current and previous pets, living and work situation and what exactly you are looking for. Pictures welcome! Later on I like to schedule a phone conversation. Thank you! Note that I will not reply to “2 sentence type” inquiries!

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