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Call Name: Joy
F1 Blue Female
100 % Canadian Foundation

Joy: About
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It is with joy I would like to introduce my beautiful new foundation female -  Joy! I choose her name to remind us that even in times of trials and tribulations we can chose to be joyful. 

Joy originates from the Canadian shore of Sault Ste. Marie, where the Saint Marie River connects Lake Huron and Lake Superior.  We were so blessed to have found her!  Joy was chosen for her extremely affectionate temperament, her wonderful coat, overall favourable breed traits and -  last not least -  her perfect health.  

 I was able to register Joy as an F1 Maine Coon foundation stock with ACA. Her parents are unknown. 

Detailed information on Joy will soon appear on the Pawpeds Database.

Health Testing:

HCM: Echo in 2022

PKD: Echo in 2022

HD: Pass with “Good”!

Optimal Selection: 48 clear including SMA!

Gene Diversity: 40 %!

Perfect Oral Health!

Paragraph copied from a breed article, published by CFA, one of the largest North American cat registries:

<<Favoured varieties of today have been bred sire to daughter and cousin to cousin until their breeds are ruined [...] man's insistence on upon breeding in order to perpetuate features approved in the show ring has produced animals of weak constitution, prone to such conditions as skin troubles, lacking in intelligence, no longer mentally alert, eventually stupid; and at last breeding with difficulty: a state of affairs leading in the end to the sterility and death of the breed.">>

For more information on the crucial importance of Maine Coon foundation work, please click the link below. 

Joy: Text
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