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Two Jelani sons above, picture provided by Graeme & Jacklyn Jenkins

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Pictured above: “Aslan & Lucy”, Jelani x Atarah babies

April 30, 2022: Saira VanderWees from Thunder Bay, Ontario writes: 

“We are fortunate enough to have 2 beautiful Main Coons from Judith’s (MasterWeaver) Cattery. These 2 babies are so loving, friendly, beautiful and well-mannered.
It was evident from our visit to pick up the kittens that Judith and her husband love what they do and are so passionate about their animals! The kitten nursery and other cat areas were spotless, well thought out and it was very apparent that these cats are loved.
Judith’s home is totally dedicated to raising beautiful, loving cats. I am astounded by Judith’s knowledge and dedication to raising good-natured, well-adapted, extremely healthy Main Coons. We are so grateful to have found MasterWeaver and Judith. I highly recommend MasterWeaver if you are interested in adding a Main Coon to your family!”

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Pictured above: “Shuggies”, Jelani x Atarah baby, pictured with his new best friends

May 19, 2022: Crystal Vee from Ontario writes: 

“He is everything I have dreamed of. Honestly Judith, I couldn’t be happier! He’s the sweetest little guy!”

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Pictured above: “Dexter & Duke”, Jelani x Cimona babies

April 30, 2022: Brittany Buggles from Thunder Bay, Ontario writes: 

“Hi Judith, We are so incredibly happy and excited to have our boys home. They are both very affectionate, playful and loving. They both have little personalities and keep us entertained all day long. Duke and Dexter have definitely became comfortable in their new home. Thank you so much Judith! Your knowledge, and expertise being a Maine Coon breeder has significantly helped us to become comfortable, and adjust to our new life with our 2 Maine Coon boys! I would highly recommend Judith of Master Weaver if anyone is interested in opening up their home to a Maine Coon cat!”

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Pictured right: “Simon”, Jelani x Atarah baby

April 27 2022: Cheryl Gillespie from PEI writes:

“Simon is the king of this house. He has the big cats wrapped around his little paw. He is so brave, runs the house with the big male Rascal, as fast as they can, they take turns leading. He will give him a hip check out of the way when they hunt kibble, and even steal a piece from under his nose that he is about to eat.
Simon thinks of you when I kiss his head, you must have done it often when you snuggled him. He is most definitely my boy, occasionally when something frightens him, he runs to me for protection. It was very funny, a crow landed outside the catio and squawked at him, and he ran into my lap, his little heart just pounding. He gathered his wits, and right back outside to take on that scary crow. Your boy has made himself perfectly at home and brought joy to all of us, big cats included.”

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Pictured left: “Levi”, Armor x Rihanna baby

November 28, 2021: John Benincasa from Thunder Bay, Ontario writers: 

Good Morning Judith,

So far Levi has been absolutely fantastic!

Always purring, playing and enjoying the attention……He is full of love and affection. We are very thankful for him and believe Ezra had a part of bringing him too us.

Thanks again

John & Amanda

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Pictured above: “Coco”, Armor x Rihanna baby

December 18, 2021: Michaela Schibler writes for Coco :

“Good morning first Momma - I am doing fine! These people are nice and I really like my new furry siblings. The giant orange guy is pretty cool and has feet like mine. The little brown girl is nice but she’s definitely the BOSS! 

I am eating well, they do a good job with my food. I try and steal kibble from the other two, but the humans are quick and I haven’t gotten any just yet. It doesn’t mean I won’t stop trying. 

They keep my litter box clean - give me lots of cuddles and even give me alone time with them each night. The lady also puts on birdie shows for me that I like a whole lot. 

She does keep saying she’s my Mommy though and I just don’t understand 

I miss you and love you, first Momma!

Coco (they even renamed me!)”

Newest Testimonials: About Us

Note: This page is ALWAYS under construction.

After you receive your Masterweaver baby kitten, I would really love to stay in contact. If you are pleased, please tell me!  I am committed to assist with feeding questions and any issues you might experience during transition.  You can surprise me with recent pictures and send frequent updates!  Some of the e-mails and pictures will be displayed on this page, of course with your permission (most of them in short form).  Thanks so much in advance!

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Please visit the RESERVATION INFO page for pricing and to make yourself very familiar with purchase conditions BEFORE inquiring. The FAQ page is also very useful.  AFTERWARDS, please use the contact form to send. DETAILED inquiry, telling me about your family, current and previous pets, living and work situation and what exactly you are looking for. Pictures welcome! Later on I like to schedule a phone conversation. Thank you! Note that I will not reply to “2 sentence type” inquiries!

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