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More Gene Testing Done!

Today the last 6 of a total of 8 Optimal Selection Gene tests for my current breeding cats finally arrived. I sometimes don’t DNA test the offspring when parents are clear but we had purchased so many DNA kits last year and wanted to use them up. Besides, it’s always interesting to compare the OS gene diversity results with the Pawpeds COI Complete:-)

What thrills me the VERY most is the high gene diversity in most of my cats! Such high heterozygosity in an established breed is only possible through foundation work. A good amount of heterozygosity is extremely beneficial for immune health, intelligence and procreation of any species.

Note: DNA testing is only one of several health testing tools for Maine Coons. Regular and ongoing HCM echocardiograms and also hip x-rays have need to be done on a regular basis!

Results are posted here. Please let me know if some of the files don’t load.

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