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AtaKan re-produced his majestic beauty in a litter of 5 healthy baby boys with his queen Cimona. This is a fancy breeding of wonderful quality. One of the boys is now being made available. 

Note: I chose world lakes for this litter. 


Pictured left and below:

“Abaya”, Brown Tabby Male Kitten

Available as Pet!

Abaya has extremely sweet and affectionate temperament. He has the lovely traditional type and a lovely coat. Abaya was on the smaller side for a while and has now nicely cought up with his siblings. A lap kitty already at this young age! 

Please visit the RESERVATION INFO page for pricing and to make yourself very familiar with purchase conditions BEFORE inquiring. The FAQ page is also very useful.  Afterwards, please use the contact form to request my questionnaire. After the questionnaire has been received, I’d like to schedule a phone conversation. Thank you!

Available Kittens: Females
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