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The Joy of Working with Hybrid Vigour

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

I haven’t written a blog for quite some time. A few litters were born in 2022 but nothing excites me more here than seeing an early foundation girl making quality babies. My husband just reminded me how I used to rave about the “joy of foundation breeding“ to everybody in the 90s and that he has not seen that “breeding joy“ in me since I started out again after the break.

Well, I want to say that my two latest F4 litters seem to have reinstated that ol’ rugged feeling of accomplishment and purpose, reminding me of the reasons why I am actually involved in these outcross projects. It’s the picture perfect births where moms are completely independent and instinctual, loving the exprience of being pregnant, bringing strong babies into the world, doing all the required tasks with brilliance, without human interferences, raising them to be so intelligent, resilient and people dependant! We generally see many good moms in our breed but I think only a person who has worked with outcross can relate to the excitement about hybrid vigour in Maine Coons!

Today the Lord blessed us with 6 healthy babies from Coyote III and AtaKan. Details will be posted on the foundation news link on my website soon!

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