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Latest HCM, PKD and HD results:

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Good news: The long trip to Winnipeg was well worth it as the results are marvellous! Each one of the cats I was able to squeeze into my car cleared their heart, hip and kidney test! 5 of the 7 even received *Excellent* rating, either on one hip or both!!

Note 1: We don‘t see *excellent* rated hips in Maine Coon that often and I am actually almost as happy with a fair. A mild laxity would not bother me in a cat as they need loser hips than a dog, in order to jump. Still the results make me very happy!

Note 2: Bear is still young and only had her hips tested. She will go for heart testing in 2022, together with the next group. Also, Jelani already had his hips tested in the spring.

Note 3: NUMEROUS previous test results are being provided to all my pet buyers.

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