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Official Cattery Inspection Day!

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

As part of the Voluntary TICA Outstanding Cattery Program, I had my Vet, Dr, Sue Legge, come and inspect my facility today. I only do these inspections every few years. So far, every time my Cattery has received “Excellent” rating. (88 points being the highest score in 2020). It’s my happy day! 😃

1. TICA Outstanding Cattery Certificate

2. Vet Inspection 2020 (Crossroads Vet Clinic, Thunder Bay

3. Vet Inspection 2009 (Crossroads Vet Clinic, Thunder Bay)

4. TICA Outstanding Cattery Certificate

5. Vet Inspection 2002 (Grand Valley Vet Clinic, Manitoba)

Note: To my knowledge, the Breeder Ethics Program didn’t exisst in the 90s or in the 80s.

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