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Updated: Jan 25, 2023

MW Toe Arrangement:

Previous and present Canadian Masterweaver Polydactyl foundation cats were/are ALWAYS PP 4WD. They were/are ALWAYS and ONLY snow shoe (also called patty) type. This means ALL of them were/are Polydactyl on all four feet and originally NEVER produced a mitten paw. PRAIRIEPOLY of MASTERWEAVER was actually a PP. PRAIRIEBABY MASTERWEAVER P was actually a PP. Both of them were snow shoes. I only used one P suffix in my pedigrees in the beginning and then later came up with the PP suffix. The PP symbol has been taken over by many other breeders now and simply means the cat is Polydacytl on all four feet. Since there were other Polydactyl lines mixed into the pedigrees later on, some of the Maine Coons with Masterweaver or Prairiebaby prefix produced mitten paws or in some cases even 2WD (poly on front only). Not that it really matters but for the sake of clarity, again: The ORIGINAL Masterweaver Poly Maine Coon always produces true to its phenotype. One has to know and appreciate pedigrees to understand this.

Are Snowshoes Only Found in Canada?

Even though Masterweaver Polydactyl cats were found in Canada, it’s super possible and would be desirable if these nicely rounded snowshoe feet were also naturally occurring in other areas of the world. I just gave mine the name ”Masterweaver” and that name has obvisouly been used to describe and label this specific foot formation in scientific research. Sort of like not every facial tissue has to be the Kleenex brand, or does it? Yet, most people call a facial tissue a Kleenex. So most breeders call the Snowshoe foot Masterweaver foot. A variety of North American poly lines provides many blessings, including health and gene diversity for our breed.

Registration Confusion?

The two Polydactyl Maine Coons, PRAIRIEPOLY OF MASTERWEAVER and PRAIRIEBABY MASTERWEAVER P, as listed on the Pawpeds Pedigree Database, were both found and registered by myself, with ACA, under my MASTERWEAVER Cattery name, back in 2000.

Even though I have found that most judges really do prefer a poly foot that evenly touches the ground and has no irregularities, I very much value a variety of poly lines from different, North American origin, including also the Hemingway foot type. All are a great blessing for the gene diversity and health of our breed.

Please visit the PAWPEDS website and click on FOUNDATION CAT DOCUMENTATION if interested in more information:

Please visit the MAINE COON EDUCATION website for documentation on my previous and present Maine Coon foundation cats and also articles on outcrossing and foundation breeding.

Did Prairiebaby become Masterweaver?

Technically, no! My Cattery was actually registered under two names for many, many years. (Masterweaver with ACA for the F1 and F2 Poly cats and Prairiebaby with MCBFA, ACA, CFF, ACFA, TICA, CFF and CFA). So technically, Prairiebaby did not “become” Masterweaver. it’s more that the ONE entity Prairiebaby/Masterweaver has now split into TWO entities. One is Prairiebaby and the other one is Masterweaver. Prairiebaby was taken over by Lori Majerrison in 2012. I kept Masterweaver. The two Catteries are NOT affiliated anymore. Still confusing? Send me a message.

Thank you,

Judith Schulz Maine Coon Cats Exclusively Since 1987 (1986)

Canada’s Polydactyl Maine Coon

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