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BAluga retired: Welcome

Call Names: BAluga, Whale Bear

Status: GCH, IW

TICA Best White Polydactyl Maine Coon of The Year 2022!

Color: Blue Eyed White (Hearing)

Polydactyl 4WD 7/7/6/6

COI: 0 % in 4 gens! 3.8 % in 10 gens! 10 % back to first generation!!

Clones: 24 % (most modern Maine Coons have an average of 35 % Clones)

Note: Baluga not being particularly excited about his position as stud male, he has now been neutered. He left his legacy with my two females Raphaela and Edelweiss. 

BAluga is a breath taking white, Polydactyl male with blue eyes. This white Maine Coon bloodline started out with an import from Maine - a very large, white foundation male called “Sid”, born in 1996. (Note blue eyes is breed specific and legitimate only in white and high white Maine Coons. Please ask for details). 

BAluga granded in one TICA show and is now a Triple Grand Champion. He is *utterly* affectionate and dependant on human relationship. If there is perfection in the Maine Coon, BAluga does represent just that! LOVE, LOVE, love this boy and looking forward to his breeding career in 2022!

Health Tests:

HCM Echo: Clear in 2022 AND 2023!

PKD Echo: Clear July 18, 2022

HD: Both Hips rated “Excellent”

Good oral health!

All gene tests N/N through ancestry!

Last HCM Routine Test in 2025! 

HCM/PKD anchestor testing history below!

BAluga retired: Males


BAluga retired: Testimonials

Allegiancelove Powell River PP of Masterweaver (GRAND DAM)

Breeder: Elena Udovenko
Owner: Judith Schulz
(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)
HCM Echo Clear Age 4
PKD Echo Clear Age 4
Gene Tests: N/N
Perfect Oral Health!
Very well HCM, PKD and HD tested ancestry! Living with me!

BAluga retired: Pro Gallery
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