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Polydactyl Male 4WD, 6/6/6/6
Colour: Odd eyed White (hearing!)


Young Armor was visiting here for a short time and produced two lovely litters during his stay.

Armor’s character is very unique as he can keep himself busy for hours, by throwing a little spiral into strange places, pretending afterwards that he just found a treasure. Amor is a lover to the *EXTREME* and has passed his amazing temperament, beauty and HUGE feet to all of his children. He has a looong body, excellent boning and will end up as a very large male with an amazing coat. 

The pictures below were partly taken by Behold Cattery and partly during his stay here. They show Armor in his different live stages. The last two pictures are of his gorgeous parents. Armor and my beautiful River actually share identical ancestry! River’s mom Alaska is the sister to Armor’s great grandpa Aragon, the boy I showed in Texas under the previous Cattery, when they first allowed Polydactyls in the ring. Lots of memories here……

A huge THANK YOU to Phyllis Stiebens of Behold Cattery for trusting me with this BIG goofball! I know he was your baby. I fell madly in love with Armor, even during this short time! 

Note: Armor’s hips received OFA rating “Good”. He was sent to a pet home after his breeding career. However, his pet owners were not able to abide by the contract term that required further testing, paid by Masterweaver. For this reason, we have performed extra tests on the ancestors of the bloodline. All results are satisfactory.

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