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Jezreel: About

Call Name: Jezreel, (aka. Emlyn)

DOB: September 17, 2019

Color: Brown Tabby/White

F6, COI 7.8 % in 4 gens, 10 % in 10 geno, 15 % back to first generation. 

Heterozygosity: 37 %!! (Average is 32-37 % in Maine Coons)

Show News TICA Show Racine, WI, November 18-19, 2023:

2nd BOB

3rd BOB

Jezreel also got one 1D against an IW, SGC in her division!

UPDATE 07/23: Jezreel’s son, IW, TGC MasterWeaver Shield of Faith PP just became TICA Best White Polydactyl Maine Coon of the year 2022!

UPDATE 02/2023: Jezreel finally gave us a beautiful daughter, Caracal from AtaKan! Caracal is perfect in every way! 

UPDATE 5/22: Jezreel’s son, Masterweaver Shield Of Faith PP just became a Triple Grand Champion in TICA!

Jezreel is a breathtaking daughter from my white girl River. Jezreel’s sire Maximus is Cimona’s brother. She is my pride and joy! 

Looking at a Maine Coon cat of this quality makes me realize how much I MISS the balanced, traditional Maine Coon type.  They aren’t easy to come by these days as many get lost in overtypyfication. 

Jezreel is offensively affectionate and very intelligent. She has a beautiful, beautiful pedigree and inherited many outstanding quality- and character traits from both parents.  I have owned and bred with MANY of her anchestors.

Jezreel has made some of the healthiest and most outstanding kittens here (7 in 2021, 7 in 2022 and 2 in 2023).  One of her many valued attributes is keeping herself in top shape, not losing her coat or condition during kittening. Jezreel is now on melatonin for a while. We will likely do one more breeding with her in 2024 with our F4 Poly boy Coydog. 

Thank you kindly my friend Elena, for dropping another jewel into the jewel box. She is SO beautiful! 😘

Pictures on this page taken by Allegiancelove and Masterweaver.

Health Testing:

HCM: Echo Clear Age 2, Echo Claer Age 4!!

PKD: Echo Clear November 30, 2021!

HD: Both hips EXCELLENT November 30, 2021! 

DNA Full Panel: N/N

Perfect Oral Health!

Jezreel: Available Pets




Allegiancelove Powell River PP of Masterweaver (DAM)

Breeder: Elena Udovenko
(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)
HCM Echo Clear Age 4
PKD Echo Clear Age 4
Gene Tests: N/N
Perfect Oral Health!
Very well HCM, PKD and HD tested ancestry!
Living with me at age 9!


Allegiancelove Maximus (SIRE)

Breeder: Elena Udovenko

(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)

Gene Tests: N/N

Mostly HCM/PKD/HD tested ancestry!


Prairiebaby Life’s All About Jesus (GRANDSIRE)

Breeder: Judith Schulz

(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)

HCM Echo clear  Age 3.5

PKD Echo clear Age 3.5

Gene Tests: N/N

HCM, PKD and HD tested ancestry!

Living with Allegiancelove’s family at age 12!


Allegiancelove Legend of Toruk Makto, F 4 (GRANDSIRE)

Breeder: Elena Udovenko
(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)
HCM Echo Clear Age 4.3
PKD Echo  Clear Age 4.3
Gene Tests: N/N
Living in Bulgaria at age 10!


Prairiebaby Grateful for Eternity PP, F3 (GREAT GRANDDAM)

Breeder: Judith Schulz
(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)
HCM Echo Clear age 6
PKD Echo Clear age 6
Hips OFA “Good”
Gene Tests: N/N
Living with Allegiancelove at age 13!


 Prairiebaby The Promised Rain PP, F6 (GRANDDAM)

Breeder: Judith Schulz
Owner: Elena Udovenko
(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)
HCM/PKD Echo clear age 3 and age 8
OFA “fair”
Gene Tests: N/N
HCM, PKD and HD tested ancestry!
Living with Allegiancelove at age 14!

Jezreel: Testimonials
Jezreel: Pro Gallery
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