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AtaKan: Welcome



Call Names: AtaKan (previously Delmar)

Color: Black (Brown) Ticked Tabby

COI: 0 % in 4 gens! 0.4 % in 10 gens! 11.5 % back to first generation!! 

Clones: 25.6 % (most modern Maine Coons have an average of 35 % Clones)

AtaKan means “Your Are Here”, a Hebrew saying that reminds me that the good Lord will never leave or forsake those who trust in Him during those treacherous times. 

AtaKan is one of those sublime creatures one literally HAS to meet in person. His size and appearance will just as much take your breath away as his demeanour will take your lap away! I am now surrounded by 4 GIGANTIC males and have lost perspective on who loves me the most!!!

From the first day AtaKan’s sire Pacific appeared on Elena’s website I knew that one day a son of his would be owned by my Cattery. AtaKan’s mother is Zara, an offspring of my F3 girl Hazel. He comes from Zarah’s last litter, with all of his siblings displaying that same unique look. I am planning to title AtaKan whenever the opportunity arises, in hopes to continue his father’s long line of North American Supremes. 

My gratefulness to Elena Udovenko of ALLEGIANCELOVE Cattery in Bulgaria is *unending*, for continuing to help me re-establish a quality program after the breeding break. THANK YOU!! 🌹 

Health Testing: 

HCM: Echo Clear 01/06/2023, age 16 months!

PKD: Echo Clear 01/06/2023!

Hips: both rated “Excellent”

Gene Tests: All N/N

HCM, PKD tested ancestry!

Good Oral Health!

AtaKan: Males




Mainelynx Pacific

 (Picture taken by Allegiancelove)

HCM: Echo Clear age 6!

PKD: Echo Clear age 6!

Gene Test: All N/N

Allegiancelove Zara PP

Breeder: Elena Udovenko

(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)

HCM Echo Clear age 4!

Gene Tests: All N/N

living at Allegiancelove at age 7!

Prairiebaby Grateful for Eternity PP, F3 

Breeder: Judith Schulz

(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)

HCM Echo Clear age 6

PKD Echo Clear age 6

Hips OFA: “Good”

Living at Allegiancelove at age 11!

Allegiancelove Invader

Breeder: Elena Udovenko

(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)

Gene Tests: All N/N

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