Call Name; Charcoal

Colour: Blue Smoke

So here the story goes: Charcoal wasn’t really “needed” here, from a genetic/pedigree standpoint, due to  BAluga’s being her full brother. So I’ve been going back and forth for almost a year whether or not to keep her. A wonderful pet home has been lined up, 3 spay appointments were scheduled and Charcoal made sure to cycle EACH time just before the trip to the vet to seal her destiny could be performed……

Fast forward: It seems that no matter how hard I tried, Charcoal seems determined to stay here and have babies! 

Charcoal is what we call the epitome of devotion to humans. An introvert, yet sticking to me like cheap soup would stick to a shirt. She greatly reminds me of her grandma River. 

HCM Echo Clear July 18, 2022 (almost 1 year)

PKD Echo Clear July 18

Hips: Both hips Pass with “Excellent”

All Gene Tests negative through anchestors!

*Perfect* Oral Health!

HCM, PKD and HD tested ancestry!




Allegiancelove Legend of Toruk Makto, F 4, Polydactyl

Breeder: Elena Udovenko

(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)

HCM Echo Clear Age 4.3

PKD Echo  Clear Age 4.3

Gene Tests: N/N


Allegiancelove Lucky Doll

Breeder: Elena Udovenko

(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)

Gene Tests: N/N

Echo soon!
Doll’s Dam:  

HCM/PKD Clear age 8!

Hips OFA “fair”

Gene Test: N/N

Doll’s Sire: 

HCM Echo Clear age 1.5

PKD Echo Clear age 1.5

Gene Tests: N/N

IMG_7060 2.JPG

Prairiebaby Grateful for Eternity PP, F3 Polydactyl (Hazel)

Breeder: Judith Schulz

(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)

HCM Echo Clear age 6

PKD Echo Clear age 6

Hips OFA “Good”

Gene Tests: N/N


CH Uriah Heep of El Dorado

(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)

HCM Echo Clear age 1

PKD Echo Clear age 1
“HCM”  Gene Test N/N

PKdef N/N


QCH, RW Bogy-Cats Xenos of Prairiebaby (TIGGER!)

Breeder: Andrea Bendrin
(Picture taken at age 17 by Renee Terpstra)
HCM and PKD negative at age 3.8
Gene Tests:  N/N 
Hips: OFA Certified Good!
17 years old
Well tested anchestry for HCM, PKD and HD!