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Masterweaver Maine Coon Cats

Agreement of Sale of Cat of Kitten

Seller: Judith Schulz


The breeder, also called seller, agrees to sell, and the purchaser agrees to buy the following cat/kitten: 

Call Name: 

Registered Name: Pending.        

CFF Reg #: Pending

Breed: Maine Coon Cat





Price of Kitten:  $ 

HST: $ 

Total Kitten Price: $ 

Spay/Neuter: $

Included in this price:

Vaccination (Nobivac modified live) around 3 months (done by licensed vet)

5 x Deworming (3 x Pyrantel Pamoate, 2 x Fenbendazole)

Stool Sample

Vet Check-Up around 3 months

Vet-certified, written health guarantee

Proof of HCM (echoes and gene test), HD (OFA prelim or certified) and PKD (echoes and gene test) testing of cat’s/ kitten’s ancestors. 

CFF Registration Papers

7 day General Health Guarantee

2 year Guarantee for death by genetic or congenital problem

Shipping Cost: $

Total Price:                      Minus Deposit: 

Total Owing: $ 

Shipping is tentatively planned for the .........of ................, 202..., as long as the cat/kittens is healthy and mature enough for travel. This kitten will be released any time between 13 and 16 weeks of age (or later if necessary!). Upon request of buyer, it is the breeder’s decision to house this kitten beyond the shipping date, at a boarding fee of $ 45 per day, per kitten. 

This registered Maine Coon cat/kitten is sold as a PET and will be altered before travel. The registration papers will be sent out within 2 months of release of this kitten/cat. 

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to file a complaint with the airline carrier if shipments are lost, or delayed, resulting in a layover at International Pet Inn, sickness or death of this cat/kitten. (Note they have never lost one of our kittens in over 30 year!)

This cat/kitten will be given the proper diet, in the proper amount and will have access to fresh water, at all times.  Purchaser agrees to make a supplemented raw meat diet at least 2/3 of this cat’s/kitten’s total food intake.  This cat will be groomed regularly and kept in a home like environment and not be subjected to unnecessary confinement.  When confinement is necessary it will be in ventilated and sanitary conditions, of a reasonable size for a cat of this size. Due to the social nature of the Maine Coon cat, purchaser agrees to provide frequent and loving attention. This cat will NOT be let outdoors without enclosure. This cat/kitten will NOT be denied veterinary attention. This cat will NOT be declawed. 

If, at any time, this cat/kitten is found to be malnourished, abused or neglected, purchaser will surrender said cat/kitten to breeder unconditionally, with no refund to be made by the breeder. 

If the purchaser is unable to keep this cat/kitten, the breeder will be informed immediately.  The breeder will then assist the purchaser to find a new home for this cat/kitten.  However, the breeder will be given first opportunity to purchase back the animal.  No cat/kitten from this Cattery may be sold or given to an animal shelter, sold or given to a pet store, abandoned or sold or given to a laboratory. 

HEALTH GUARANTEE:  Seller’s basic health guarantee extends through..................................................., 7 days, to included general health and freedom from internal and external parasites and Felv/Fiv. This cat/kitten is guaranteed to be in good health at time of sale and will be checked by a licensed veterinarian in Thunder Bay, Ontario or Dryden, Ontario, Canada, before shipping. Standard inoculations have been administered at 9 weeks weeks (intranasal by breeder) and around 3 months (vaccination by licensed vet). 

TO QUALITY FOR THIS HEALTH GUARANTEE, PURCHASER MUST HAVE THIS CAT/KITTEN EXAMINED BY LICENSED VETERINARIAN WITHIN 48 HOURS OF PURCHASE (72 HOURS FOR SALE ON A FRIDAY OR A SALE OVERSEAS). AND ADVISE THE BREEDER OF THE RESULTS OF SUCH EXAMINATION. CATS/KITTENS TO A MULTICAT HOUSEHOLD MUST BE ISOLATED FOR A PERIOD OF 21 DAYS.  If this cat/kitten is diagnosed with an illness, and the veterinarian feels the condition was present prior to the sale, Seller should be contacted PRIOR to ANY treatment beginning.  Seller will (upon receipt of a statement from the examining veterinarian that the illness was present prior to the sale), pay the cost of the medical treatment (up to $ 200). Veterinary fees will only be refunded with the presentation of a signed letter from the licensed veterinarian and the receipt, itemizing the treatment and fees.  If the veterinary costs exceeds $ 200 and the purchaser is not willig to pay the difference, the cat/kitten will be returned to the breeder, at purchaser’s cost, for a full refund or a replacement kitten (if available.). Note: Shipping to and from the Buyer Is responsibility of the Buyer and will NOT be paid or refunded by Seller.

Please note that the Felv/Fiv/FiP vaccination (killed or modified live) and also ANY vaccination boosters (killed or modified live) automatically void ANY form of health guarantee!!

If this cat/kitten has any difficulty or illness, Breeder has  to be notified immediately. Breeder will then try to assist to find a solution to the problem. In the rare and tragic event that this cat/kitten dies, especially of unknown causes, breeder requests immediate notification. 

Should this cat/kitten die of any genetic or congenital defect before age 2, the Breeder, at the Breeder’s discretion, agrees to provide a replacement kitten (when available) or refund the purchase price.  Death must be confirmed by a written necropsy report, including toxicology and histology reports from an established pathology laboratory. Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with the exercise of this clause and for shipping costs of the replacement kitten. 

General Contract Policy: Purchaser is liable for any court costs and related charges, including attorney’s fees, that are associated with Seller’s enforcing the terms of this contract.  Any legal action which may arise under the terms of this contract will be brought in the country/city of the breeder’s residence.  We, the undersigned, consider this document to be legally binding.  Deletions and additions to this Sales Agreement have to be initialed by both the seller and the purchaser. Breach of this agreement will result in a $ 4000 fine to be paid by the purchaser. 

Seller reserves the right to refuse the sale of a cat/kitten at any time and send the deposit back to Purchaser during time of reservation.

Breeder(Seller), Date                                   Purchaser, Date

Sales Contract: Text
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