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Tempest (The Bear): About

Call Name: Tempest (The Bear)

Colour:  (Black) Brown Tabby

COI: 3.9 % in 4 gens, 6.9 % in 10 gens, 14.3 % back to first generation! 

Update February 2023: The decision has been made to keep a beautiful daughter out of Tempest, sired by Baluga. Unfortunately, Tempest herself had to be spayed, due to ovarian masses. Ovarian masses (also called cysts) often develop when stupid breeders like myself try to be “ethical” (contrary to the Merck Manual) and hold off their females from breeding until they are older. 

Tempest is an unusually dark coloured baby bear out of Jelani and Rihanna. Her great grandmother is “Hazel” whom I owned many years ago and sold to Allegiancelove Cattery in 2012.

Granite and Tempest were the “thickest” kittens here this year. I would confidently say Tempest is the PERFECT classic Maine Coon - in each and every way! Proper proportions, a gorgeous head, impressive size, great coat quality and a marvellous profile. Her hips were rated *excellent* which is rare in Maine Coons. 

The Bear’s temperament is as sound as they come. She tries to get along with everyone and, like her mother Rihanna, is literally crazy about human touch. I have admired her easy going nature from the moment she fell asleep on her back, in the palm of my hand, at 2 weeks of age!

Health Testing:

HCM: Echo Clear June 18, 2022!

PKD: Echo Clear June 18, 2022!

HD: Pass with EXCELLENT! 

Gene Tests negative through ancestors!

Good Oral health!

Tempest was bred to BAluga in 2022 and made us a very lovely Silver Tabby girl we called Raphaela. Due to ongoing fertility issues, we feel it is best to spay and place her in a pet home where she can be queen of the castle. 

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Tempest (The Bear): Testimonials

GRANDSIRE: Allegiancelove Hammer

Breeder Elena Udovenko

(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)

Gene Tests: N/N

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