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Granite: Welcome

Call Name: Granite, The Granite

Color: Blue Smoke (Mackerel Tabby ghost pattern)

Polydactyl  MW 4WD 6/6/6/6

COI: 0 % 4 gen, 0.9 % 10 gen,  7 % complete, back to first generation!! 

UPDATE September 1, 2023: Granite has successfully
sired 5 litters here and is now living with April Ransom of Coon’s Ransom in Washington. A daughter from Granite and Alaska will be retained for my program and one of his sons is living with a colleague. 

ARE we here.. again? The proper plan was to keep a couple of outcross girls out of Jelani and then buy a male for them next year!  Granite  * is  * not  *  a  * girl. Yes, this is how breeding programs turn complicated! Did I say I am old now and don’t care anymore? 😉 

Granite’s quality is mind blowing, especially considering his beautifully low breed numbers! He was just an overgrown kitten that acted like a St Bernhard puppy, following me everywhere around the house. He grew and grew and grew and grew and turned out to be an army tank on tree trunks. Jelani and Reuben tell me not to weigh him now and instead put him on Royal Canin meat flavoured cereal.

In regards to temperament, let me say this: I used to think Jelani and Reuben were the most affectionate males that ever lived in my home. Granite even jumps into the lap of strangers! 

Health Testing: 

HCM: Echo Clear age 1.9 (03/03/2023)

PKD: Echo Clear age 1.9 (03/03/2023)

HD: Both hips rated “Good” age 1.9

Optimal Selection Gene Tests: All Clear through anchestors! 

HCM, PKD and HD tested ancestry! 

Perfect Oral Health!

Granite: Males




HCM Echo Clear age 19 months, Echo Cear age 3!

PKD Echo Clear age 19 months

HD:  Both hips rated “Excellent” age 2.9 (OFA prelim as pass with “fair”)

Well tested HCM, PKD and HD tested ancestry!

All gene tests clear through anchestors!


HCM Echo Clear Age 15 months. Echo Clear at age 3.4!
PKD Echo Clear Age 15 month!

HD: Hips Pass with “Excellent”

All gene tests clear through anchestors! 

Granite: Males
Granite: Pro Gallery
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