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Jaely: About

Call Name: Jaely

DOB: January 5, 2022

Polydactyl (MW Snow Shoe)

Colour: Brown Tabby / White

F5, COI 3.1 % in 4 gens! 6.4 % in 10 gens! 14 % complete, back to first generation!

Heterozygosity: 35 % (Average in Maine Coons is 32-37 %)

Update: Jaely has grown up to be a very lovely female with super temperament. She had a very nice litter of 8 healthy kittens in February 2023 and is due from Jelani in January 2024. 

I already adored Jaely as a baby, when I saw her with her extremely cute little sisters. Then later when 2021 gave us mostly boy kittens as offspring, I knew it was time to purchase another female. Jaely is from one of my favourite Maine Coons ever - Allegiancelove Lincoln, a white Poly male, owned by Elena Udovenko! Lincoln has produced incredible quality consistency over the years. 

Jaely is a very correct Maine Coon from partially third wave foundation lines, mixed with Allegiancelove bred, modern lines and some of my old Canadian polydactyls. She comes with a very outcrossed pedigree on her sire’s side. Jaely is growing into a larger size girl. She has an amazing head with a picture perfect profile and and ear set. Her warm colouring, beautiful coat and lovely type leaves nothing to be desired. One can seldom claim a Maine Coon has no fault. Jaely does not! 

Jaely is the epitome of devotion to humans. Introverted and sensitive, yet extremely dependant on human touch and affection, she has to know and trust you before she lets you into her heart. After being put in her place a couple of times by River, Jaely gets along well with all the other girls.

Btw, Jaely and Alaska are half sisters. Their dad Lincoln and my white girl River have the same mother - a large and heavy, white Poly female named Alaska I use to own many years ago. 

HCM Echo Clear age 2.3!

PKD Echo Clear!

Hips: Pass with “fair”

DNA Full Panel: N/N

Very well HCM, PKD and HD tested ancestry!

Perfect Oral Health!

🌹 🌹 🌹 THANK YOU so very much to Elena Udovenko of Allegiancelove Cattery In Bulgaria! Jaely has become one of my favourites here! 🌹 🌹 🌹 

Jaely: Available Pets



Allegiancelove Lincoln PP - Sire

Breeder: Elena Udovenko

(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)

HCM Echo Clear Age 6!

Many HCM/PKD/HD tested anchestors!

Gene Tests: N/N

Living at Allegiancelove at age 6!


Allegiancelove Demi - Dam

Breeder: Elena Udovenko

(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)

HCM Echo: Soon!

Gene Tests: N/N

Demi’s Sire Toruk:

HCM Echo Clear Age 4.3

PKD Echo  Clear Age 4.3

Gene Tests: N/N

Living at Allegiancelove at age 10!

Demi’s Dam Kevay: Mostly HCM/PKD and HD tested ancestry!


Allegiancelove Legend-of-Toruk Makto PP- Grandsire

(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)
CM Echo Clear Age 4.3
PKD Echo  Clear Age 4.3
Gene Tests: N/N
Living at Allegiancelove at age 10!


Prairiebaby The Promised Rain PP - Granddam (Alaska)

Breeder: Judith Schulz
(Picture taken by Allegiancelove)
HCM/PKD Echo clear age 3 and age 8
Hips OFA “fair”
Gene Test: N/N
HCM, PKD and HD tested ancestry!
Retired and living with Allegiancelove at age 12!

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