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Call Name: Efren (Hebrew for fruitful)
F2 Calico Female (masking Ticked Tabby)
100 % Canadian Foundation

Efren was one of my 2020 foundation project females where I was unsure where or not she would benefit our breed, due to her indifference towards humans. Some colleagues encouraged me not to give up on her, especially considering her great hip conformation and gene diversity of 40 %. Needless to say, she came around 100 % in temperament, and I am so glad to have listened! 

Efren’s origin is the Canadian Shield, being born in a repeat, healthy litter of four, on a small acreage around Lake Superior. Her parents are both known which made it possible to register Efren with ACA as F2 Maine Coon foundation stock.

Efren’s name seems to suit her as her babies have been EXCEPTIONALLY strong and resilient. In regards to quality and temperament, they also don’t leave too much to be desired! 

Health Testing:

HCM: Echo Clear at age 1 1/2

PKD: Echo Clear at age 1 1/2

HD: Both Hips Pass with “Excellent”

Optimal Selection Gene Test: All 50 Clear including SMA!

Perfect Oral health!

Efren had a litter of 5 beautiful, healthy babies here with Jelani. She is presently residing in a close by pet home where I can still use her for breeding for a season and where her future HCM testing can be continued. An F3 son and a daughter will be kept for future breedings. 

Detailed information on Efren wilon the Pawpeds Database.

Paragraph copied from a breed article, published by CFA, one of the largest cat organisations:

<<Favoured varieties of today have been bred sire to daughter and cousin to cousin until their breeds are ruined [...] man's insistence on upon breeding in order to perpetuate features approved in the show ring has produced animals of weak constitution, prone to such conditions as skin troubles, lacking in intelligence, no longer mentally alert, eventually stupid; and at last breeding with difficulty: a state of affairs leading in the end to the sterility and death of the breed.">>

For more information on the crucial importance of Maine Coon foundation work, please click the link below. 

Efren: About
Efren: Pro Gallery
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