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CoyDog: Welcome

Call Names: CoyDog

Polydactyl  MW Snow Shoe COI: 0 % in 4 Gens, 0.5 in 10 Gens, % , 2.8 % Complete, back to first generation.

Clones 19.7 % 

Show Results:

TICA Show Racine, WI:

2 x BOB

2 x 2nd BOB

Several judges commented on CoyDog’s massive boning and size and the spectators followed him back to his cage. He’s technically titled, except polies were collectively withheld from finals 🤔. Little rat pack - a history repeat from the 70s? :-)

Coydog’s dad is my GCH, RW “AtaKan”. His mom is a large, heavy F3 female from mostly new, Canadian foundation. When Coyote III’s first litter of 6 was born, it was evident from birth that at least half of them would be breeding quality. We had the house full of little baby lions but then they grew to a size that was almost frightening. Their feet became the size of the palm of my hand and by the time they left here it felt like I were schlepping 1 year old cats around the house. 

 Coydog will be leaving a few marks here in 2024. Looking at his majestic stature makes me want to start holding my breath. Perhaps a new Canadian foundation line is starting to prove itself after almost 4 years….

Health Testing: 

HCH/PKD/HD Tests in 2024!

Great Testing History of Ancestry Below!

Perfect Oral Health!

CoyDog: Males

GCH, RW Allegiancelove AtaKan MasterWeaver

Health Testing: 

HCM: Echo CLEAR age 1, Echo CLEAR Age 2!

PKD: Echo Clear 01/06/2023!

Hips: both rated “Excellent”

Gene Tests: All N/N

Sire Pacific HCM Clear at age 6!

Living with Allegiancelove at age 7!

Gene Tests: All N/N

Dam Zara HCM Clear at age 4!

Gene Tests: All N/N

Living with Allegiancelove at age 8!

HCM, PKD tested ancestry!


MasterWeaver All Things New MWPP

Health Testing: 

HCM/PKD: In 2023!

Hips: in 2023!

Gene Tests: Parents All N/N!

Perfect Oral Health!

Grand Dam Coyote:

HCM: Echo CLEAR at age 1 1/2, Echo CLEAR age 2.9!

(will be retested at age 5)

PKD: Echo Clear at age 1 1/2

HD: Pass with right good, left fair! (while still nursing!). 

Gene Tests: All N/N

Perfect Oral Health!

Great Grandsire Jelani: HCM Echo CLEAR November 30, 2021, 19 months, echo CLEAR March 3, 2023, almost age 3!

PKD Echo Clear 19 months!

HD: Pass with excellent age 3, pass with fair age 19 months

Gene Tests: All N/N

Well tested HCM, PKD tested ancestry!
Perfect Oral Health!

Great Granddam Efren:

HCM: Echo Clear at age 1 1/2 (will be re-tested age 3)
PKD: Echo Clear at age 1 1/2
HD: Both Hips Pass with “Excellent”
Optimal Selection Gene Test: All N/N
Perfect Oral health!

CoyDog: Available Pets
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